We focus on the design, development and delivery of  smart and sustainable hygiene solutions. We work collaboratively with our customers to help them meet stringent hygiene standards, whilst also ensuring we deliver quantifiable benefits.

Our industries

food manufacturing hygiene, made pure and simple…

Ozo Innovations utilises innovative flow cell technology to generate eloclearTM – a robust, combined cleaner and disinfectant, which disrupts traditional hygiene processes

In-situ production disrupts and decarbonises the supply chain, providing resilience, while unlocking sustainability.

Our scalable systems produce eloclearTM in-situ at the customer site, from just salt and cold water – able to produce from 200 – 150,000 litres per day
Deploying Ozo Innovations’ eloclearTM leads to a reduction in water, energy and chemical consumption and the associated GHG emissions, particularly scope 3 emissions associated with chemical supply chain.