Improve the neighbourhood and comply with abatement orders by reducing unpleasant smells.  We have experience of reducing odour from bathrooms, kitchens, refuse facilities and factories using our gaseous ozone and electrolysed water systems.


cleaning and disinfecting

We offer a range of innovative cleaning and biocidal products used in floor and glass cleaning, hard surface disinfection and biosecurity. We have proven the benefits of electrolysed water systems in food factories, care homes and horticulture.


extending shelf life

Reducing microbes and pathogens on fresh produce improves product safety and extends shelf life of fresh produce.  We have shown we can deliver an additional 2-3 log kill over existing wash systems using electrolysed water.


improving food safety

We are working with our customers to validate our electrolysed water systems for the control of key food pathogens, allergens and species cleaning with a shared goal of improving the quality and safety of food.


  • all our technology is proven effective...

    ozocube - up to 85% reduction in cooking odour measured by GCMS

    elofresh - up to 95% reduction in environmental odour using fogging

    eloclear - passes EN1276, EN1650, EN13697 & EN14476 in clean and dirty conditions

  • all our innovations are developed with the environment in mind

    we save power and water and use just air, water and common salts to achieve a safer world

  • improving hygiene, food security and food safety

    We live in a world where a growing and increasingly urbanised population needs to be fed. The need for a safe and secure food supply is self evident. Ozo Innovations develops and markets cost effective and safe oxidative solutions that deliver infection control, improved hygiene and better productivity in food production and processing. Our approach is sustainable and responsible minimising the inputs – water, energy and chemicals- and maximising the outputs – yield and commercial returns to impact our quality of life.

our hardware range…

reduce odour causing chemicals by up to 85% in your commercial facilities

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produce small scale cleaning and disinfection solutions on site

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elosystem innovative technology for high volume electrolysed water

large scale solutions for cleaning and disinfection on site

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NEW advanced odour control & hygiene with elofogger


generate solutions with elosystem and elocube