Ozo Innovations technology platform is fully scalable and we offer a range of elosystems across a broad volume per day requirement that meet the needs of different factory environments.

Robust hygiene solutions for the food industry

Our elosystemTM produces eloclearTM in large volumes of up to 150,000 L per day, making it ideal for use in food production or processing environments. The elosystem is fully automated with on-board sensors to ensure control of eloclear™ specifications.

The elosystemTM is delivered to the customer site in a sea container. The system consists of:

  • The electrochemical generating system
  • Salt saturator
  • Storage tanks
  • Fluid distribution system
Ozo assists with the installation of the elosystemTM at the customer site, connecting the system to the power and water supply. Our team also ensure everything is in place for our customers to benefit from our unique, real-time monitoring and data analytics platform, eloinform.

elosystemTM customers also benefit from our full support package.