At Ozo, we focus on the design, development and delivery of safe, effective and sustainable hygiene solutions. We work collaboratively with our customer partners to help them overcome key hygiene, productivity and sustainability challenges.

Our scalable systems transform salt and water into a powerful, combined cleaner and disinfectant, that is completely sustainable. Our hygiene solution, eloclear™, has been independently tested for antimicrobial efficacy against bacteria, yeast, fungi, mould and viruses.  It also delivers a broad range of benefits, from reduced consumption of precious resources through to increased operational capacity.

Ozo’s customer partners are experiencing benefits including:

  • Additional production capacity – saving time whilst delivering robust hygiene outcomes, meaning more time for production
  • Resource savings – reducing energy, water and manpower in the hygiene process
  • Significant new value opportunities  – through process innovation, product quality and risk reduction

Ozo is redefining hygiene and safety standards, enabling organisations to take a more sustainable approach to their hygiene routines without compromising safety.

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Our quality and committed global investor base is led by Astia Angels and Wheatsheaf Group.  A number of Innovate UK awards helped us by supporting the initial development of our intellectual property.  In addition to the investor groups below, private individuals also provide backing for the company.






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