Simplify your approach to hygiene, maximising safety and minimising waste without sacrificing microbial control. Ozo is improving hygiene outcomes for its customers through the delivery of its effective, efficient and sustainable hygiene solutions.

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As businesses prioritise the safety of their employees and customers, the emphasis on a thorough, effective hygiene process has never been higher. For cleaning to be truly effective, the process needs to be simple and the disinfection efficacy must be sufficient to meet stringent health and safety standards.
eloclearTM has been independently tested for antimicrobial efficacy against bacteria, yeast, fungi, mould and viruses, giving you full microbial control and confidence in the effectiveness of your hygiene process.

Compliance statement - EU biocidal product regulation compliance

eloclearTM, is produced in-situ within our elocubeTM or elosystemTM, at the ready-to-use concentration of between 1,800 – 2,100 ppm.

As an in-situ generated biocide, the product is within the scope of the European Union Biocidal Product Regulation (EU 528/2012), commonly known as the BPR. A positive opinion was adopted by the Biocidal Product Committee (BPC) on 16th June 2020 for the active ingredient in eloclearTM, “active chlorine generated from sodium chloride by electrolysis”, and subsequently the active substance was approved on 1st July 2022.

Ozo Innovations have fully complied the with EU BPR process and submitted a Union Authorisation product dossier for eloclear, as well as registering eloclear in a number of EU member states in accordance

with existing national requirements, prior to the 1st July 2022. Ozo Innovations is included on the EU BPR Article 95 list as an approved supplier of products containing “active chlorine generated from sodium chloride by electrolysis” for biocidal product types 2 and 4.

Following the decision to leave the EU, the UK Government have established a similar process for biocide authorisation (GB BPR) administered by the UK’s Competent Authority (HSE). The active substance will undergo its own evaluation and approval under the GB BPR. Active chlorine generated from sodium chloride by electrolysis is currently undergoing the notification process in GB and during this time there is no requirement for suppliers to be listed on GB Article 95. However, Ozo is still able to supply during this notification period. Ozo is able to provide this in writing from the HSE and further information can be found on the HSE website concerning the requirements for product supply during this period: Biocides: active substance status - Biocides - HSE

Compliance statement - EPA

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) is the Federal statute that governs the registration, distribution, sale, and use of pesticides, including antimicrobial or biocidal products, in the United States. Ozo Innovation’s elosystem™ has been submitted to the U.S.
EPA for review and determined to be a “pesticide device” provided that the eloclear™ solution that it produces is not packaged for use at an establishment separate from the place where it is produced. When required, the elosystem™ will be registered with the appropriate U.S. State agencies before equipment is placed into service.