About eloclear™

  • Is a green chemistry with no chemical additives or surfactants, hence safer to handle, with lower environmental impact.
  • Delivers robust hygiene control and is a highly effective biocide.
  • Is approved for use under USA, EU & UK Biocidal Product Regulations (BPR).
  • Offers a more efficient, effective and sustainable approach to hygiene.
  • Is an effective hard surface cleaner that simultaneously cleans and disinfects surfaces.
  • Is effective at an ambient temperature and replaces the need for hot water rinsing and eliminates the use of caustic chemicals – this delivers health, safety and environmental advantages over traditional cleaning methods.
Ozo Innovation’s technology produces eloclearTM at the ready-to-use concentration, which removes the need for dilution and reduces handling of chemicals.
Our industries

food manufacturing hygiene, made pure and simple…

Ozo Innovations utilises innovative flow cell technology to generate eloclearTM – a robust, combined cleaner and disinfectant, which disrupts traditional hygiene processes

In-situ production disrupts and decarbonises the supply chain, providing resilience, while unlocking sustainability.

Our scalable systems produce eloclearTM in-situ at the customer site, from just salt and cold water – able to produce from 200 – 150,000 litres per day
Deploying Ozo Innovations’ eloclearTM leads to a reduction in water, energy and chemical consumption and the associated GHG emissions, particularly scope 3 emissions associated with chemical supply chain.

Discover the benefits of

eloclearTM delivers combined cleaning and disinfection in a single solution.
eloclearTM drives productivity through simplified hygiene routines which deliver potential time, resource and cost savings, and effective pathogen control.
eloclearTM releases production capacity and allows for more efficient use of equipment, capital and labour.
eloclearTM saves up to 60% of water usage.
eloclearTM builds sustainability, with no hazardous chemicals, less energy usage and decreased water consumption.
eloclearTM helps create a safer working environment with reduced exposure to harmful chemicals.
eloclearTM improves profitability.
eloclearTM is produced in-situ, reducing transport and rarely recycled single-use plastic requirements.
eloclearTM is ideal for open-place cleaning (OPC), and cleaning-in-place (CIP) applications.
eloclearTM delivers a single solution that can be used on all hard surfaces, reducing the need for multiple cleaning products
eloclearTM contains a powerful biocide and has been independently tested by UKAS-accredited laboratories for antimicrobial efficacy against bacteria, yeast, fungi, mould and enveloped viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19).

Carbon Net-Zero

The rate of climate change is faster than anticipated and sustainable solutions are required to deliver carbon net-zero.

Greenhouse Gas Emission

Food production accounts for over a quarter (26%) of global greenhouse gas emissions, and food manufacturing accounts for 50% of the world’s land, 30% of its power, and 70% of available fresh water.

Food Production

With food production levels set to double by 2050, the pressures facing the entire food supply chain are increasing.

Retailers Net-Zero

Retailers are starting to push the net zero and sustainability agenda through their supply chain which adds to the challenges that food manufacturers face.

Food Production

With food production levels set to double by 2050, the pressures facing the entire food supply chain are increasing.