Combined cleaning and disinfection with eloclear™

Combined cleaning and disinfection with eloclear

Our combined cleaning and disinfection solution, eloclear™, offers a more efficient, effective and eco-friendly cleaning product. It is manufactured through the electrolysis of salt and water, and is produced in-situ using an elocube™ or elosystem™. Our technology produces eloclear™ at the ready-to-use concentration, which removes the need for dilution.

eloclear™ is an effective hard surface cleaner that simultaneously cleans and disinfects when applied as a liquid or soak. Effective at an ambient temperature, eloclear™ replaces the need for hot water cleaning. This delivers environmental advantages over traditional cleaning methods that use caustic chemicals.

Using Ozo’s innovative technology, our customers can expect to:

  • Drive productivity through simplified hygiene routines
  • Improve hygiene outcomes through effective pathogen control
  • Build sustainability with fewer chemicals, less energy usage and decreased water consumption

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