Facilities Management – Hygiene Solutions

A sustainable, safe and smart hygiene solution for facilities managers

There are always new challenges in the world of facilities management. Managers must constantly keep up to date with new technologies looking for ways to add value for their clients. The pressure is constantly on finding more efficient and sustainable ways to fulfil their contracts without sacrificing safety and compliance and remaining within budget!

Selecting and implementing new technology, that is the right fit with your client’s aspirations and needs, whilst managing both costs and their expectations can be tough. In the new world we are facing post COVID 19, hygiene is going to be at the top of everyone’s agenda as we try and return to work.

Doing more with less has always been a challenge and this is where Ozo innovations can help. Instead of a long list of cleaners and sanitisers, eloclear can be used on all hard surfaces and  applied in a wide range of applications from foggers and trigger sprays to a more traditional mop and bucket. Plus, instead of your employees being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals, eloclear is ready to use and non hazardous – no need for dilution.

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