Ozo’s technology uses electricity to transform water and salt into hygiene solutions for the food production and food processing industries and has been shown to:

  • significantly reduce the power, water and hazardous chemicals used to clean and disinfect food manufacturing environments
  • control foodborne pathogens to improve food safety

Ozo Innovations’ electrolysed water is produced in a robust and scaleable process using a patented flow cell technology without the need for a membrane. eloclear is generated using salt + water in an elocube or elosystem which applies a DC voltage across layers of boron-doped diamond electrodes. This induces a dipole, allowing very high ORPs to be generated in continuous flow. Ozo Innovations’ flow cells create the highest over-potential of any electrode on the market, meaning that we can produce very strong, stable solutions of electrolysed water, close to pH neutral, very efficiently and cost-effectively at industrial scale.

The over potential is directly related to potency of the solution generated, and Ozo can produce electrolysed water at between 10-40 times more antimicrobial actives than competitor systems. This enables greater robustness of hygiene outcomes achieved in shorter contact times and new applications of electrolysed water to be realised.

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