Living with the enemy – part 2

The new normal

The workplace is not going to return to old normal for at least 2 years, until the SARS-COV2 virus becomes a seasonal irritation, whose impact is kept in check by broad immunity in the population.

For the foreseeable future the opportunity to infect must be reduced. This means reviewing/considering:

  • using high density bench desking differently so that employees can maintain a 2M distance whilst working.
  • looking at reduced manning of production lines to enable social distancing to continue at work.
  • minimising the duration and attendance of meetings – we have all learnt to meet online
  • blending our newfound skills of working from home with office-based work to minimise our opportunity to unknowingly transmit the virus to colleagues.

This means more disinfection, and the supply chain must be secured and scaled to meet the need. In situ (on site) generation of cleaning and disinfection products such as our elosystem and elocubes can fulfil this need across all sectors, not only in the food industry.

Ozo Innovations has focused on simplifying hygiene in the food industry, recognising that it requires scrupulous hygiene standards to make safe food. It has developed robust, scalable systems which dispense with packaging, reduce the use of hot water and deliver disinfection even in situations with very high organic background on surfaces. Our sanitiser is made on site, close to point of use, it means that our active agent is not stabilised with hazardous chemicals and is made at a ready to use concentration which improves the handling characteristics.