Ready to use eloclear – 2 in 1 sustainable cleaner and disinfectant

In addition to our elosystems and elocubes for the in situ production of eloclear combined cleaner and disinfectant, we are now able to offer a range of pre-packaged, ready to use, product from our facility in Oxford.

As we consider how to return to some sort of normality, robust disinfection is going to play a major part for any return to work plan to safeguard employees, customers and visitors. This, coupled with offsetting any potential issues with traditional chemical supply chains, is where Ozo can help you and your organisation.

We can provide eloclear in a range of containers, all with ready to use product to meet your specific requirements. Our product is non hazardous, therefore reducing exposure to any potentially harmful chemicals for your workforce, and does not require any dilution, further reducing any handling risks. eloclear can also help rationalise and consolidate your current cleaning chemical supply as it’s both cleaner and disinfectant in one. Contact us for prices