Makes Electrolysed Water
for Commercial Kitchens, Hotels and Cruise Ships

elocube advanced cleaning and disinfection
  • elocube and elotank

elocube(TM) produces the innovative electrolysed water solutions to deliver effective cleaning, disinfection and odour management in commercial kitchens, hotels and on cruise liners.

elocube can also be used in smaller food factories and processing plants, as it produces up to 100 litres of electrolysed water. It is used to combat odour and improve hygiene by facilities management companies.

Ozo Innovations’ electrolysed water is produced in a robust and scalable process using a patented flow cell technology without the need for a membrane. Electrolysed water is generated using salt + water in an elocube (or using an elosystem(TM) for larger volumes) which applies a DC voltage across layers of boron-doped diamond electrodes. This induces a dipole, allowing very high ORPs to be generated in continuous flow. Ozo Innovations’ flow cells create the highest over-potential of any electrode on the market, meaning that we can produce very strong, stable solutions of electrolysed water, close to pH neutral, very efficiently and cost-effectively at industrial scale.

The over potential is directly related to potency of the electrolysed water generated, and Ozo Innovations’ products have between 10-40X more antimicrobial actives than competitor systems.  This enables greater robustness of hygiene outcomes achieved in shorter contact times and new applications of electrolysed water to be realised.

elocube is:

  • Robust and reliable,  it is engineered using high quality, durable components
  • Built using Boron-doped diamond flow cells, which means it is as much as 40 X more powerful than any similar systems on the market
  • Easy to use, with full instructions provided and training available
  • Significantly reduces the power, water and hazardous chemicals used to clean and disinfect, helping companies meet their CSR targets


  • Makes 50-100 litres of electrolysed water
  • Production mode, Clean mode and Release mode
  • Diaphragm pump
  • 1 KW power supply
  • Mains powered
  • Size: 520mm (L/D) x 630mm (W) x 870mm (H)
  • Durable polyurethane outer casing
  • Stainless steel frame and inner casing
  • Input and output hoses
  • Lockable caster wheels
  • Connects to an elotank, which holds the electrolysed water

Typical Uses

elocube can be used in:

  • Cruise ships and hotels to combat Norovirus and other viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Food factories and processing plants with Ozo Innovations’ robust biocides that pass efficacy tests in clean and dirty conditions
  • Farm buildings and lorries used for livestock and feed
  • Odour control using our hand held elofogger delivering electrolysed water in hard to reach places

Find Out More

For more information, please select an application. To discuss a solution for your particular cleaning, disinfection and odour requirements, please contact us.

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Product Safety and Regulatory Information

elocube does not produce chemical products. Our electrolysed water products have environmental advantages over traditional methods of cleaning using chemicals.

elocube(TM) can be fitted in a small kitchen or in a plant room on board a cruise liner. The product:

  • Can make 50-100 litres of electrolysed water
  • Is robust, with boron-doped diamond flow cell technology

  • Has a durable polyurethane outer casing
  • Is serviced every quarter on the customer site