Food Processing

Ozo Innovations’ applications maximise food quality and safety and minimise waste in food manufacturing and processing through:

  • Hygiene & safety
  • Enhanced produce wash for shelf life extension

The Challenge

  • Food processors deliver innovative new food products to the retailers to an agreed specification working on thin margins
  • The burden of food borne disease is substantial and, as antibiotics become less effective, the industry will be asked to deliver higher standards of food safety

The Solution

Electrolysed water has safe broad spectrum antimicrobials and antifungal agents.  As such it is ideally suited to applications in food processing. Our electrolysed water products are used to maintain the hygiene of the food-processing factories, applied using a hand-held fogger or spray once it has been electrolysed using an elocube.

Using our electrolysed water products can dramatically reduce or eliminate the need for chemicals and significantly reduce water and energy use. They replace hot water washing.

In food processing lines, electrolysed water is finding application as a “cleaning in place” treatment as it effectively disinfects and makes equipment safe without a risk of chemical residue build up.  Disinfecting the food production environment and preventing food spoiling are also applications that are currently in development and in trials with major food producers.

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Food Processing