Facilities Management

Ozo Innovations’ cleaning and disinfection applications improve facilities’:

  • Odour and air quality
  • Energy efficiency
  • Hygiene
  • Waste management

The Challenge

  • Institutional buildings can become grimy over time.  High density accommodation such as student halls, hotels and cruise ships can accumulate smells and mould due to lack of ventilation
  • Waste storage areas and commercial kitchens release nuisance smells into the neighbourhood, generating complaints to Environmental Health Officers

The Solution

Our electrolysed water products can be used to maintain hygiene of facilities. They have:

  • Proven effectiveness against viruses (including Norovirus), yeast and fungi, bacteria and mould
  • Industrial cleaning & odour remediation applications employing a range of distribution methods (e.g. spray, high-pressure jet, fog, bath) for maximum impact

Our products significantly reduce water and energy use. They replace hot washing and have environmental advantages over traditional methods of cleaning using caustic chemicals.

In multi-occupancy accommodation, such as care homes, hotels and cruise ships, electrolysed water is used to lift ground in dust, dirt and cleaning residues when used as a floor cleaner and improve the smell of the environment. When fogging electrolysed water, rooms do not require special preparation, so belongings do not typically need to be removed.

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