Measuring Cleaning Effectiveness

Thorough food hygiene is vital for the production and processing of safe and non-tainted consumer products. For cleaning to be truly effective, the process needs to be simple, and the disinfection efficacy must be sufficient to pass both independent field tests and standardised laboratory tests.

How would Ozo’s sanitation solutions benefit your business?

Ozo Innovations cleaning solutions are based on electrolysed water. This is a solution of hypochlorous acid, a powerful biocide that is active against bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungi.

Ozo’s electrolysed water can be produced and used at ambient temperatures, so Ozo’s approach streamlines a typical five-step cleaning process down to two steps, including only a single rinse step. It is also safe and taint-free, breaking down to water and common salt on contact.

Independent tests

Independently tested by UKAS accredited laboratories including Campden BRI (the leading UK food research institute), Ozo’s electrolysed water solutions have passed:

  • Real-world factory based field trials – comparing Ozo’s products to traditional chemicals across 8 weeks, resulting in:
    • Retailer validation  – Campden BRI supervised retailer efficacy field trials and listed as an approved terminal disinfectant in a leading retailer’s Code of Practice