Better Hygiene for Better Business in the Food Industry

elosystem® units produce electrolysed water in larger volumes on site in a factory, farm or field environment for:

• Powerful cleaning and disinfection
• Food safety and security

elosystem is delivered to site in a sea container. It consists of:

  • Modular production system
  • Reagent station
  • Monitoring modules
  • Pipework, valves, tanks and ring main

Water and the product reagent is added to the elosystem to produce the electrolysed water product appropriate for your particular application – eloclear®, elofresh or elomax.

elosystem includes a full support package from Ozo Innovations:

  • Hygiene as a service – installation, monitoring and servicing
  • eloinform – full remote production telemetry and data monitoring
  • ozoacademy – training to enable clients’ staff to excel in food hygiene

“Hygiene is the fastest growing area of cost. It is the first process to look at in order to produce safe food and drive sustainability. eloclear is transformational to the industry.”