Better Hygiene for Better Business in the Food Industry elosystem is modular so it can be configured to meet a range of customer needs. elosystem® is delivered to site in a sea container. It consists of: Modular production system Reagent station Monitoring modules Pipework, valves, tanks and [...]


Effective application of electrolysed water for disinfection and odour control elofogger rapid and efficient application of elosolutions flexible, lightweight and easy to use Specification Particle size adjustable 5-50 microns Fogging distance 5-10m, variable using the slide controller Capacity: 3 litres Size 550mm (L) x 160mm (W) x 250mm (H) [...]


Robust Food Factory Hygiene eloclear® is a professional food industry biocide for use as a cleaning solution and a terminal disinfectant. Terminal disinfection is commonly used to kill microbes and control the spread of infections. eloclear provides a robust measure for cleaning processing equipment and surfaces in food factories. It: Passes independent laboratory [...]


Makes Electrolysed Water for Commercial Kitchens, Hotels and Cruise Ships elocube(TM) produces the innovative electrolysed water solutions to deliver effective cleaning, disinfection and odour management in commercial kitchens, hotels and on cruise liners. elocube can also be used in smaller food factories and processing plants, as it produces up to [...]