Why Come to Work at Ozo Innovations?

The world population is growing and becoming more affluent.  As living standards increase people desire a more diverse diet, and in developed economies the food supply chain is global.  By 2050, the UN FAO have suggested that the world will need to produce twice as much food as we do today.  The scale of that challenge is massive as food production, processing and logistics is a resource intensive activity.

Today, 70% of the world’s fresh water; 30% of the world’s energy and 50% of our land mass are used in food production.  It is impossible to meet the demands of 2050 without significant innovation and a focus on resource efficiency.

In addition, anti-microbial resistance (AMR) is also a growing threat to society and impacts food production.  The fungicides that we rely on for crop protection are becoming less effective as pathogens develop resistance.  Epidemiological data on “zoonosis” –diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans show that relevant bacteria increasingly carry antimicrobial resistance genes.  More robust hygiene protects consumers, brands and animal welfare.

Ozo is developing efficient, effective cleaning and disinfection systems that save water, energy and time for use in the food industry.  We are also developing solutions to improve food safety by controlling the microbes on food surfaces that cause food spoilage and illness.

At Ozo we work to deliver increased sustainability and competitive advantage to the food industry, an industry that underpins our health and quality of life.

Join us and make an impact!