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Improve the neighbourhood by reducing unpleasant smells.  We have experience of reducing odour from bathrooms, kitchens, refuse facilities and factories using our gaseous ozone and electrolysed water systems.

Commercial kitchens and waste storage areas can emit offensive smells into the neighbourhood, generating complaints to Environmental Health Officers or objections to planning applications for restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets, particularly when they are in close proximity to residential properties.

Odour issues can also affect multiple occupancy accommodation. As owners and managers of these properties will know, prospective tenants are put off by strong and unpleasant smells when they enter a building. When visiting care or nursing homes, smells from cooking and cleaning chemicals often permeate the air and are immediately noticeable by prospective residents and their families.

Ozo Innovations’ Solutions – elocube(TM) and electrolysed water solution

Fogging with a safe odour control formulation of electrolysed water, made on-site using salt and water, and our elocube system reduces smells. Application typically requires no special preparation of the treatment area. It is fogged using our lightweight portable elofogger. The area is safe during treatment and occupants can return immediately after treatment to cleaner, fresher rooms.

  • Up to 95% reduction of environmental odour using electrolysed water fog
  • Reduces organic cleaning chemical residue build up

To find out how Ozo Innovations can help you to reduce odour, contact us.

“We are better neighbours in all senses now – we have very few complaints about food smells, and we are a greener business having reduced our fuel costs by 35%. The unexpected bonus was the noise reduction of running our fans at lower speeds.”
Fast Food Franchisee, London, UK