Maximising Food Safety and Quality, Minimising Waste

Our electrolysed water systems have been validated for the control of key food pathogens, allergens and species cleaning with the goal of improving the quality and safety of food, which we share with our customers. Our aim is to improve safety for the consumers and those who work in the industry.

There is always an obligation to maintain scrupulous hygiene in an integrated abattoir and meat processing facility. Our client has a rigorous hygiene regimen that sanitises the cutting line and involves five steps to complete:

  1. Hot water rinse under high pressure using a hand held gun to remove gross debris
  2. Detergent foam using a hand held gun
  3. A rinse off of the detergent using a high pressure hand held cold water gun
  4. Application of a QAC (Quaternary Ammonium Compound) terminal sanitiser in a hand held spray
  5. Final rinse with potable water

This process is time consuming and expensive to undertake. The result is also a safe food processing environment. However, the waste water is significantly contaminated with chemical waste and cannot be disposed of through the mains drains. If less water and power can be used with no compromise to safety, then that is attractive from a commercial and environmental perspective.

Ozo Innovations’ Solutions – eloclear

Ozo Innovations has developed a cleaning system that allows steps 2-4 to be replaced with a single step.
Microbial swabs were taken from various points on the line prior to cleaning. Two lines were then cleaned, one with the traditional method of cleaning and the other with with electrolysed water, eloclear®. Post cleaning swabs were taken from multiple points along both cutting lines and then compared. All samples taken from the electrolysed water line showed only a minimal amount of live bacteria, but this was significantly less than the amount of bacteria taken from the traditionally cleaned line.

The trial has demonstrated a number of benefits for our client.

The company is able to make significant reductions in their costs:

  • A massive reduction in use of power used to heat the significant volumes of water used in the meat processing
  • Elimination of costs for chemical cleaning agents
  • A significant time saving associated with reducing the cleaning process to two steps
  • A reduction of the volume of water used to achieve a safe and clean meat processing environment*
  • Significantly less toxic waste water that represents a substantially reduced environmental hazard

*important as our customer is a signatory to the Federation House Commitment (FHC2020) to water reduction.

If you would like to know more, or schedule a demonstration, please contact us.

eloclear® is a registered Trade Mark of Ozo Innovations Ltd.

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    “The results of the trial showed the use of a pressurised jet of electrolysed water to be at least as visually effective to the equivalent traditional method using detergent and sanitisers and to provide better microbiological swab result.”
    External Consultant, Meat Processing Company, United Kingdom