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Achieves effective hygiene outcomes and reduces odour quickly, making it easy for multi-accommodation landlords to efficiently clean properties and change tenants without losing revenue.

A UK university has a persistent problem with mould in student bedrooms caused by poor ventilation and air flow in the building. University rooms are let to students in term time, but they are a source of revenue for universities who let the rooms to tourists during the holidays. The mould needed to be removed safely, quickly and effectively.

Ozo Innovations’ Solution – elocube and elofogger

Ozo Innovations used its odour control fog, an electrolysed water product made using elocube(TM) technology, and the elofogger to treat the worst affected rooms to remove the moulds and improve the cosmetic appearance of the rooms.

Fogging is safe and it requires no special preparation. The area is safe during treatment and occupants can return immediately after treatment.

To measure the effectiveness of the approach swabs were taken from mould effected areas before and after swabbing. Rooms were fogged from 2 minutes to 10 minutes depending on their size and the damage caused by the mould.

After fogging, it was possible to easily wipe mould from walls, areas around windows and radiators in the student accommodation. The cleaning efficiency was visually evident and well corroborated with the microbiological data.

  • Fogging electrolysed water in the student accommodation has a clear and significant impact on mould but did not require the rooms to be cleared of personal belongings
  • 89-100% reduction in microbial load in the environment measured by the number of viable mould colony forming units (CFUs) before and after fogging
  • electrolysed water fogging is an effective solution for routine cleaning in areas contaminated by mould. The method inactivates mould spores on contact and therefore also mitigates respiratory health and allergy risks
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